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About Case CaptureTM

Effortlessly Document and Manage Your Investigations

Case CaptureTM is designed to revolutionize the way investigators and other professionals document and manage their cases. With a user-friendly interface and powerful features, our app ensures that all your investigative data is captured accurately and efficiently.

V1 – Release

Key Features

Field Notes

Document investigations with Case CaptureTM’s Field Notes. Record comprehensive notes, including dates, times, and locations. Organize findings with subject-specific notes.


Time Stamped Photos

Enhance your reports with time-stamped photos. Attach images to your notes with automatic timestamps, providing clear and accurate visual documentation.

Final Report

Transform your notes and photos into a polished, professional report in minutes. With Case CaptureTM, you can easily compile all your investigative data into a comprehensive PDF report.


Behind Case CaptureTM

Built by Investigators, for Investigators.
Case Studies

Success Investigations Using Case CaptureTM

At Case CaptureTM, we believe that real-world success stories are the best testament to the power and utility of our app. Investigators across various fields have harnessed Case CaptureTM to streamline their processes, enhance accuracy, and secure critical evidence. In this blog post, we’ll share some compelling case studies that highlight how our app has made a significant difference in the world of investigative work.
Case Study 1

Uncovering Insurance Fraud

A private investigator was hired to investigate a suspected insurance fraud case involving a claimant who reported severe injuries…
Case Study 2

Solving a Legal Dispute

A legal firm needed to gather evidence for a property dispute involving encroachment claims. The firm hired an investigator…
Case Study 3

Enhancing Security Investigations

A security firm was tasked with investigating a series of thefts at a construction site. They needed…

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